Merri Creek Trail Hike

This is a great half day hike of around 9 kms, better done on a weekday as the bike traffic can be busy on weekends. Remember to hike safe by staying left and listening out for bikes.

Start out at Rushall Train station. Cross the creek and follow trail signs up McLachlan and Cunningham Streets and walk north until you come to St Georges Road. Turn left and walk along the footpath until you reach the bus stop. Drop down under the bridge to re-join the trail. From here it's fairly straight forward navigation - just follow signs for the trail.

You'll pass by Ceres (great stop for a coffee or a quick look around the gardens and the Brunswick velodrome, before you reach Moreland Street. Here you have the option to cross the creek and continue along the official trail, or stay on the western side of the creek, which is my preference as the trail is dirt rather than concrete.

Walking through Egan Reserve

If you continue along the west, you'll pass through Egan Reserve (where a number of trails wind their way through the park), before you reach the Harding Street Bridge. Turn left up Harding Street to duck into a cute cafe - Ruby's - for a healthy handmade lunch.

After a lunch break, re-join the trail and continue north.

The trail through De Chene Reserve

You'll pass the old bluestone quarry which is now a widened 'lake', great waterbird habitat and the park here has plenty of sculptures and play equipment.

North of here the trail gets very green and pretty, with willows hanging over the creek.

Willows overhang the creek

Continue until you reach the old Coburg Drive In Cinema on your right, and take the left turn up to Mathieson Street, which will take you out to Sydney Road and the Merlynston Train Station, where you can catch a train back to the city.

Hiking the last part of the trail

This was a beautiful late winter's walk and will be stunning in Spring. Highly recommended and if you're after a longer hike, you can continue along the trail until you hit the Metropolitan Ring Road and the nearby Gowrie Train Station.


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